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TBS Aluminum Support Rail

TBS Aluminum Support Rail

The TBS aluminum support rail is applicable to the TBR type slide unit, while the SBS series corresponds to the SBR type support rail unit. It can be divided according to different shaft diameters, including 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, and 30 mm. When the shaft diameter is 16mm, the aluminum support rail has different lengths for option, such as 190 mm, 340 mm, 640 mm, and 940 mm. However, both ends of the rails should be reserved for 20mm distance to avoid the support rail unit from slipping out. The users can choose the suitable product according to their own needs.

Technical Parameters
DesignationShaft DiameterNominal Dimensions(mm)Weight (kgf/m)
Standard Length L190 340 640 940 340 640 940 1240 250 450 850 1250 450 850 1250 1450
N 20 20 25 25
P150 150 200 200
Max. Length1,390 1,390 1,850 1,850

MYT is an experienced TBS aluminum support rail manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to support rail, we also offer shaft supports, linear bearing, linear shaft, slide unit, and more.

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